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Streamline Your Large Sample Inspection Workflow


The MX63 and MX63L microscope systems are optimized for high-quality inspections of wafers as large as 300 mm, flat panel displays, circuit boards, and other large samples. Their modular design enables you to choose the components you need to tailor the system to your application.

These ergonomic and user-friendly microscopes help increase throughput while keeping inspectors comfortable while they do their work. Combined with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software, your entire workflow, from observation to report creation, can be simplified. Read More...





New 4k Camera


The high-resolution, 18-megapixel SC180 color camera reveals your sample’s fine details and structures. The excellent spatial resolution provided by the camera’s sensor element combined with an 18 million pixel count exploits the full optical resolution of the objectives, enabling you to make observations exclusively on-screen without using the eyepieces and fostering effective collaboration and audience engagement during full-screen presentations. With excellent performance for brightfield applications, the SC180 camera accelerates routine work, increases throughput in various applications through fast live focusing and noise cancellation, and makes the screen the standard for documentation, evaluation, and discussion.





Trust the Color – Olympus BX53 microscope


Olympus' new BX53 microscope with True Color LED provides bright, sharp images with excellent color rendering performance equivalent to halogen lamps. The long-life LED light source is brighter and more uniform than a 100-watt halogen bulb – matching every contrast method and providing bright images to multi-head discussion systems for up to 26 people. Read More...






New microscope CX33 and CX43


The CX43 microscope enable users to remain comfortable during long periods of routine microscopy observations. The microscope frame conforms to the user’s hands and the location of the control knobs maximize ergonomics to improve work efficiency. Users can quickly set a specimen with one hand, while adjusting the focus and operating the stage with the other hand with minimal movement. The microscope also features an optional camera port for digital imaging.









LRI Imaging AB merges with Visiopharm A/S


As of December 1st 2016 LRI Imaging AB is fully merged with Visiopharm A/S.

For almost a decade we have provided diagnostic digital pathology solutions to Swedish pathology labs. We have done that by integrating best-of-breed solution components.  The technology developed by Visiopharm allow us to finally realize the full potential of diagnostic digital pathology: Integrating image analysis in LIS-driven workflows, which is giving pathologists access to validated technology that will improve both data quality and productivity while reducing costs and turnaround times.


This merger is not in any way affecting LRI Instrument AB, distributor of Olympus microscopy solution. LRI Instrument AB will continue to sell, support and service the Olympus microscopy equipment in the same manner as always, with the customer in focus.






Confocal laser scanning microscope


The FLUOVIEW FV3000 Series is designed to meet some of the most difficult

challenges in modern science. With the high sensitivity and speed required for

live cell and tissue imaging, the FV3000 also provides an intuitive and adaptable interface, and is capable of microplate imaging and complex screening protocols.

The series supports complete workflows from live cell 2D-6D (x,y,λ,z,t,p) imaging through image processing, like deconvolution, and analysis. Particular attention

has been paid to the needs of cell biology, cancer research, and stem cell research.

The FV3000 is optimized for macro to micro imaging of cells, tissues and small organisms.







Upright Metallurgical Microscopes


Olympus BX Series Upright Metallurgical Microscopes meet wide-variety of

analysis applications, from a routine inspection to sophisticated analysis

study, by the wide range of microscope models strengthened by superb

optical performance and variety of accessories.









High-speed FRAP imaging for fast in-vivo processes


Designed with researchers in mind, Olympus introduce a flexible and

accurate cellFRAP imaging platform specifically for the acquisition,

monitoring and analysis of dynamic in-vivo processes by photo-

manipulation techniques. Our easy-to-use platform delivers excellent

optical performance and µs-precise control. Discover highly accurate

and flexible live-cell photomanipulation today.








Automated Cell Counter


The Cell Counter model R1 automated cell counter is designed

to reduce workloads and standardize the cell counting process.

Its unique software algorithm provides accurate counting results

for a variety of cell types. This portable instrument equipped with

user-friendly touchscreen provides reliable result throughout the

cell culture workflow and accelerates the cell culture process in a

matter of seconds.







Transmigration and Transport Studies Through a Porous Glass

Membrane. Introducing ibidi's NEW µ-Slide Membrane ibiPore Flow.


World's best optical quality with a porous glass membrane.

Full fluidic access to the apical and basal sides of adherent cells

in numerous applications. Different pore sizes (0.5, 3, 5,

or 8 µm) for various cell types








New objectives for Multiphoton Imaging


These objectives are optimized for Multiphoton imaging and allow

high resolution 3D images to be obtained by detecting only the

fluorescence from the focal point of a big field of view.











New microscope Olympus CX23


The CX23 educational microscope is easy to set up, operate and

carry, making it perfect for use both by medical students and in

laboratory operations that take place in the field and in other non-

traditional settings.

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